Upcoming Workshops

Julianne has led workshops throughout the United States at locations such as hospitals, community centers, and colleges.


Breaking up is Hard to Do


Whether you’re breaking a heart, having your heart broken,  or mutually splitting, breaking up is hard to do.  Join Julianne Carroll, sex and relationship coach and educator, for a two hour workshop on working through the grief process of break ups.  We’ll talk about strategies for healing and letting go, dealing with anger, how to break the news to someone else that you no longer want to be with them, and how to handle the rejection when someone breaks up with you. 





Sexual Empowerment for Women

Modern female sexuality: it’s complicated. We have more choices, more people, and more messages about what we should and should not do. Learn how to navigate the contradictory rules of sex with sex educator Julianne Carroll to get what you want out of sex. Establish boundaries, neutralize sexual shame, handle rejection, refute madonna-whore dichotomies, and untangle the twisted knots of contemporary female sexuality. Welcome to your sexual autonomy! 





Revolutionary Relationship Skills: Healthy communication, Healthy boundaries, and Healthy conflict.

In this three part workshop, Julianne will take you through the essential skills to create relationships in your life full of healthy communication, healthy boundaries, and healthy conflict.  The course begins with identifying and reevaluating our societal and personal relationship values, and changing values that no longer serve us.  It then moves on to how to establish boundaries, ask for what you want and need, and engage in conflict that facilitates deeper intimacy and closeness, rather than creating rifts in your relationships.  We’ll end with how to create community that supports your relationships and holds you accountable for your actions.  Revolution is possible through learning to love better!


Bisexual Badassery: Being Bi in a Mono World

What does it mean to be honest about your bisexuality? Do you find that potential partners tend to make assumptions about being in a relationship with you? Do they worry that you’ll cheat or not abide by relationship agreements? Assume they won’t be enough to satisfy you?

Being honest about your sexual identity can cost you security and stability in your intimate relationships, so how do we honor our relationships while maintaining integrity around our sexual identity? Being the only bisexual person in a relationship can create challenges of both invisibility and hyper-visibility. Airial Clark and Julianne Carroll will offer support and strategies for individuals who identify as bisexual. Come find out how to balance the needs of your relationships with your desire to claim your sexual identity, how to create community and support around bisexuality, how to deal with experiences of biphobia and heterosexual privilege, and how to choose partners who will respect and honor who you are.



Non-monogamy Without Sex: Making Sense of Chosen Family, Non-Sexual Partnerships & Romantic Friendships, with Marcia Baczynski:

In open relationships, we spend a lot of time talking about how to make it okay to have casual sexual relationships, but what about inverse: serious committed relationships and partnerships that don’t include sex or romance? Call it emotional non-monogamy, romantic friendship, chosen family, prioritizing community over partnership, or non-sexual life partners… Not every model of open relationship involves primary partners, or even sex. Drawing from models pioneered by the queer community, leather families, blended families, and other long-term “arrangements,” we’ll explore the issues, challenges and benefits inherent in these atypical (but not uncommon) partnerships.




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