“It has really been a wonderful experience working with Julianne. Her warmth, openness, and listening skills alone have created an environment that fosters communication between two former partners — something we both thought nearly impossible. Her presence, through active listening and an expression of love for fellow humans,  creates something of an altered state in us, I think. It’s suddenly easy to be positive, to trust everyone’s motives, to listen and be heard, all without fear. That’s a marvelous ability, and having tried several different approaches to relationship counseling, I can see just how uncommon it is.  I would highly recommend her whenever matters of the heart, or the head, become overwhelming. She not only makes things less daunting, but she also makes the whole process a lot of fun.ys feel lighter and calmer after a discussion with Julianne.  The world is lucky she is offering her skills, so don’t miss out; book your session with her immediately!” 

– Anonymous, Berkeley, CA

“Julianne did an amazing mediation this summer for me and my partner and their partner. We’d been having a hard time, and wanted an outside perspective to help us make our conversations more productive. Julianne came to our home and stayed far beyond the time slot she’d initially consented to. She was calm, kind, and professional, and we all learned an enormous amount just from the way she interacted with us and structured our evening. We came away with many ideas about how to deal with conflict less hurtfully, and I think we’ve all continued to use these ideas since. I’m so glad we had the chance to work with her.”

— Naomi, Berkeley, CA

“Julianne listened deeply to my jumbled thoughts and supported me in reaching a level of clarity I have not experienced with other counseling.  I was able, with her help, to sort out what I really want from what I “should” want.  Her acceptance and pure loving joyful energy is amazing!!

— Wendy, Santa Rosa, CA

“Julianne is such a perfect person to be doing this work; after one session with her, you’ll think “Of course this is what she’s doing!”  She’s a natural, and has unparalleled listening skills.  I feel comfortable telling her things I haven’t ever told anyone else – things that expose my vulnerabilities – because she is truly non-judgmental and thoroughly loving.  Plus she’s charming with a great sense of humor; I always feel lighter and calmer after a discussion with Julianne.  The world is lucky she is offering her skills, so don’t miss out; book your session with her immediately!” 

– Kathy, Boston, MA

Julianne’s coaching sessions are the perfect mix of anecdotes and useful tools. I walk away from each session with more confidence, and I feel empowered to have the dating life I want.

– Laura, San Francisco, CA

“Just had a terrific conversation with relationship & sexuality coach Julianne Carroll about expectations and feelings I have surrounding biological family and chosen family. WOW. I feel so affirmed and validated! This was a complimentary session I got for attending her presentation at the Open SF conference about chosen family, and I am really glad I took her up on it. Peoples, if you are in need of some guidance along the sometimes-thorny path of relationship (any kind, really), check her out! Thanks, Julianne!”

– Karin, San Francisco, CA

“I attended Julianne’s Radical Polyamory workshop. Julianne is a dynamic presenter who knows her stuff. She creates an open, safe, comfortable atmosphere where folks new to poly and those who live it can share their personal stories and their politics. She is well-informed, full of resource and suggestions and she welcomes everyone to participate.”

– Celeste Hirschman, Sex and Relationship Therapist, San Francisco

“Julianne is one of the most non-judgmental, insightful, objective and creative people we know.  She is a gifted film maker, educator, student of life, and relationship coach.  She will always help you to articulate the path that is right for you without judgment or criticism.”

– Marie, Heraldsburg, CA

“I’ve attended several of Julianne’s workshops. And I want to go to more! Julianne’s warmth and intelligence make even challenging and confusing topics feel easy (and exciting!) to navigate. She’s really skilled at creating safety in groups and can curtail her presentations to all levels of experience and knowledge. Going into the workshop on Radical Polyamory, I was worried I might be judged for where I am in my process with this topic. The minute the workshop started and Julianne set the tone however, I instantly relaxed and felt like I could really use the workshop for my own purposes and not worry about what anyone else thought I should do or where I should be. Julianne is a space-maker. She creates a comforting and safe space to delve into your fears and desires. And she does it all with an edgy sense of humor. Get as close to you can to this woman! Some of her smarts can’t help but rub off on you.”

– Sam, Seattle, WA

 Julianne is a great person first of all, knowledgeable in her field and very professional. I was lucky to participate in workshops and private sessions with her, great help for people developing their relationship skills.  I recommend her 100%. Thanks Julianne!

— Thomas D., San Francisco