About Julianne


Julianne Carroll, M.A., is a relationship  coach, mediator, and relationship and  sexuality educator in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Julianne received her M.A. in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University where she also worked as a Research Assistant at the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality. She is a San Francisco Sex Information Certified Sex Educator and trained with the Coaches Training Institute.

Julianne has spent the last decade studying relationships, sex and sexuality, and specializes in working with the queer community, young adults, and people in non-traditional relationships.  She began her career as a freelance journalist writing about relationships and sexuality, then transitioned to providing sex and sexuality education for youth, and later with adults. She has given workshops around the country on a variety of topics, worked with teens teaching health and sexuality education, and directed sex positive documentaries.

Julianne offers relationship coaching and mediation in the San Francisco Bay Area, or via phone and skype. Julianne’s goal is to help people develop tools for self-love, conflict resolution, and intimacy building, as well as support for navigating when a relationship cannot be resolved. Julianne believes in the power of connection, and that all of our intimate relationships are valuable and important, including friendships, romantic partners, mentors, teachers, family members, and more.


Open/Non-monogamous Relationships

LGBTQQI Identities and Experiences

Healing Sexual Trauma and Nurturing Resiliency

Compulsive Behaviors/Addictions


Dating and Relationship Anxiety

Conflict Resolution