As a coach, Julianne brings emotional presence, non-judgmental, active listening skills, knowledge and resources to  support you to have more loving relationships. Julianne can help you to: 

  • discover your relationship priorities
  • explore if non-monogamous relationships are for you
  • develop tools for self-love, conflict resolution, and intimacy building
  • navigate when relationship conflict cannot be resolved
  • identify your deal breakers
  • ask for what you want in the bedroom and beyond



Open/Non-monogamous Relationships

LGBTQQI Identities and Experiences

Dating and Relationship Anxiety

Conflict Resolution

We all need role models, support and guidance in our intimate journeys. Julianne is available for in-person sessions in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, and phone and Zoom sessions for anyone, anywhere!


Are you involved in a conflict that has grown beyond your ability to manage it? Let Julianne help you. Trained as a mediator, Julianne can help you and your loved ones find solutions, compromises, and hear each other in new ways.

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**Coaching is not psychotherapy. Julianne does not offer psychotherapy or medical advice, and is not a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist.**