As a coach, Julianne brings emotional presence, non-judgmental, active listening skills, knowledge and resources to  support you to have more loving relationships.

  • identify your dealbreakers
  • discover your relationship priorities
  • explore if non-monogamous relationships are for you
  • relieve dating anxiety
  • attract the type of people you want to be with
  • create support systems for the whole you

We all need role models, support and guidance in our intimate journeys, hire Julianne to be that person for you. She is available for in-person sessions in San Francisco, and phone and skype sessions for anyone, anywhere!



Are you involved in a conflict that has grown beyond your ability to manage it? Let Julianne help you. Trained as a mediator, Julianne can help you and your loved ones find solutions, compromises, and hear each other in new ways.

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